Friday, October 13, 2017

Ya Allah- Make it easy

Hope has diminished. Heart feels empty from inside. I see the ideals of life all around me but I don't see life. Like the soil that is left untilled. You know the flowers grow in this soil but you don't see any flowers in it.

O beloved, O Rahi, how much I yearn for you, how much I wait for you, but you floated far; too fast. 

I go out on travel but I know there is nobody to go back to. The feeling is like ages ago when I didn't meet you. There is a difference though. Then, I would feel that soon i will meet you and there will be somebody who awaits me everytime I go out; now I know nobody awaits. The heart sinks the same way.

Each passing day, I learn more about life, about loneliness. It's true. I can escape the path but I cannot escape the destiny. It is ordained. 

Maybe the journey will end when I face my Lord alone, with no one beside me. 

O beloved! O Rahi! Be happy. I must not keep any expectation from you. My journey to my Lord started early, it seems. I see your shadows, I see your reflections in the beautiful children we have.

So long. 

See you on the other side, maybe not.

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