Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Like loose sand,
In my hand,
Slips out grain by grain
With all the loss and no gain,
I lose one by one, bit by bit,
Moments and dreams that are carefully knit,
My friends of love and passion,
As I lose one,
A shard of a broken mirror of my own reflection,
Pierces deep into the heart,
Of my heart,
Drenching myself in blood,
Dripping drop by drop,
I developed a trail that follows me,
A trail that leads to the past,
past that makes me wonder at last,
That I am losing life,
There is no time,
There is no friend,
Every shattered dream,
Now I have to mend,
There are questions to which
There are no answers
And I stand,
In the middle of the crowd,
In the mayhem so loud,
Lonely and unanswered,
For once I was strong,
I am right that I was wrong,
Now scattered, broken, torn apart,
Shadows of truth that give hope to start,
A journey that is my own,
No friends, no enemy and just me alone.

March 1, 2001

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