Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Watching the dying Sun with a defeated glory,
I sit back, wonder in my heart and an endless worry,

The time ticks away, the sky loses the light,
Soon I have to prepare for an endless dark night,

Will I be despaired? Will I find the path?
Path of Allah's blessing and not of His wrath,

I spent all life searching for peace and tranquility,
Now I am too tired to explore my ability,

When my blood was young, and my arms were strong,
When I had the opportunity to know right from wrong,

I searched for duniya, wasted moments so precious,
Didn't think about akhira, had lost my conscience ,

Now when I look at the pale, slow, sinking Sun,
It reminds me of past, my life, full of worldly fun,

If it was in my hands, I would go back in time,
Would do all the good deeds, never touch any crime,

Regret has no meaning now, its time to pay,
For the sins that I committed throughout the 'day',

I lay there quiet and still, with an endless worry,
How will I face Allah, His majesty, His power, His glory?

May, 2000

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