Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Defeated and Worn Out!

Walking alone in the middle of the railway tracks,
I see nearby some old huts and worn out shacks,
Makes me wonder for how long i have been travelling,
The mystery of my life that is slowly unravelling,
Tired of happiness, Contented with sadness,
In the hope of learning Truth I show my madness,
For it is me, it is I, a defeated soldier of Fate,-

Worn out, I fall, helpless, resting between the railway tracks,
Watch the hovering vultures, and howling wolves that search in packs,
Is this my destiny, is this the end, or is it my confused mind?
For I was to prosper, I was to succeed, for I was to leave lies behind,
I was to overpower the false, the tyrants, the misers, the idolators,
I was to spread the deen of Allah, the light, the commands of the Creator
For it was me, it was I, an honoured soldier of Faith,-

Blood stopped oozing out from the open wounds of past,
Lancets, Arrows, spears have pierced in me firm and fast,
Eyes are heavy, filled with tears,
Songs of victory, nobody hears,
Feeling my wounds that are filled with pain,
I cry for help, but that is in vain,
For it is me, it is I, a defeated soldier of Fate,-

This is not what was Promised, the triumph still lies ahead,
I have to move on in the Path, that many think is dead,
Gathered my courage, got up to my knees,
Asked Allah for Nusrah, Blessings and Peace,
Between the railway tracks, i drag myself on,
To the new day of Hope, that emerges at the Dawn,
For it is me, it is I, a struggling soldier of Faith.

February 12, 2001

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