Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Allah's Eternal Ink

Do I live for Allah,
Or do I live for Dunya?
This is a question,
I never spent time to think

I did bad deeds
I did good deeds
What became black,
With Allah's eternal ink?

Some days I was religious
Some days I was astray
Some days I just didn't know
What next to think

Maybe I lost my path
Maybe I never had one
I was dug deep in dunya
`was about to sink

Namaz was not a responsibility
Saum was not my priority
To Allah's superiority
There was no link

Overwhelmed with the culture
Never understood my deen
Was it for my benefit
Or was it to make me look mean

"Muslim" whenever I called myself
Kept my voice low
As if it was a call
For others to give me a blow

`Always hid my identity
`Had the complex of inferiority
`Always thought muslims were low people
who don't know how to think.

All they know is how to kill
All they show is a big fist
They have no love for mankind
Extremist, Racist, fundamentalist!

One day my conscious woke me up
And made me realize
This life is for Allah
And I gotta think!

My actions are what determine
If I am a Muslim or not
My culture, colour, creed, or race
Is what Islam is not

In my heart glows my Iman
Faith in the God who created man
Who gave us a tongue,
When He revealed Quran

I follow His beloved prophet,
Who told us the true path
The path that leads to Allah
Not to His wrath

Now I want to be a true Muslim
Who know how to think
Who knows what to think,
About Allah's eternal ink!

February 3, 2000

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