Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Watching the dying Sun with a defeated glory,
I sit back, wonder in my heart and an endless worry,

The time ticks away, the sky loses the light,
Soon I have to prepare for an endless dark night,

Will I be despaired? Will I find the path?
Path of Allah's blessing and not of His wrath,

I spent all life searching for peace and tranquility,
Now I am too tired to explore my ability,

When my blood was young, and my arms were strong,
When I had the opportunity to know right from wrong,

I searched for duniya, wasted moments so precious,
Didn't think about akhira, had lost my conscience ,

Now when I look at the pale, slow, sinking Sun,
It reminds me of past, my life, full of worldly fun,

If it was in my hands, I would go back in time,
Would do all the good deeds, never touch any crime,

Regret has no meaning now, its time to pay,
For the sins that I committed throughout the 'day',

I lay there quiet and still, with an endless worry,
How will I face Allah, His majesty, His power, His glory?

May, 2000

The day you were born( صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)

The Sun must have been brighter than ever
Making things glowing and glitter

The gales must have been colder than ever
Causing everybody's soul to shiver

The birds chirping louder than ever
Celebrating the joyous moments together

The trees must have been greener than ever
Adding freshness to the nature

The tides must have been higher than ever
Striking the shore with a new vigour

The sky must have been blue than ever
Announcing the dawn of a new 'conqueror'

It all happened on the day
___the day you were born.

August 13, 1997

Defeated and Worn Out!

Walking alone in the middle of the railway tracks,
I see nearby some old huts and worn out shacks,
Makes me wonder for how long i have been travelling,
The mystery of my life that is slowly unravelling,
Tired of happiness, Contented with sadness,
In the hope of learning Truth I show my madness,
For it is me, it is I, a defeated soldier of Fate,-

Worn out, I fall, helpless, resting between the railway tracks,
Watch the hovering vultures, and howling wolves that search in packs,
Is this my destiny, is this the end, or is it my confused mind?
For I was to prosper, I was to succeed, for I was to leave lies behind,
I was to overpower the false, the tyrants, the misers, the idolators,
I was to spread the deen of Allah, the light, the commands of the Creator
For it was me, it was I, an honoured soldier of Faith,-

Blood stopped oozing out from the open wounds of past,
Lancets, Arrows, spears have pierced in me firm and fast,
Eyes are heavy, filled with tears,
Songs of victory, nobody hears,
Feeling my wounds that are filled with pain,
I cry for help, but that is in vain,
For it is me, it is I, a defeated soldier of Fate,-

This is not what was Promised, the triumph still lies ahead,
I have to move on in the Path, that many think is dead,
Gathered my courage, got up to my knees,
Asked Allah for Nusrah, Blessings and Peace,
Between the railway tracks, i drag myself on,
To the new day of Hope, that emerges at the Dawn,
For it is me, it is I, a struggling soldier of Faith.

February 12, 2001


Like loose sand,
In my hand,
Slips out grain by grain
With all the loss and no gain,
I lose one by one, bit by bit,
Moments and dreams that are carefully knit,
My friends of love and passion,
As I lose one,
A shard of a broken mirror of my own reflection,
Pierces deep into the heart,
Of my heart,
Drenching myself in blood,
Dripping drop by drop,
I developed a trail that follows me,
A trail that leads to the past,
past that makes me wonder at last,
That I am losing life,
There is no time,
There is no friend,
Every shattered dream,
Now I have to mend,
There are questions to which
There are no answers
And I stand,
In the middle of the crowd,
In the mayhem so loud,
Lonely and unanswered,
For once I was strong,
I am right that I was wrong,
Now scattered, broken, torn apart,
Shadows of truth that give hope to start,
A journey that is my own,
No friends, no enemy and just me alone.

March 1, 2001

Allah's Eternal Ink

Do I live for Allah,
Or do I live for Dunya?
This is a question,
I never spent time to think

I did bad deeds
I did good deeds
What became black,
With Allah's eternal ink?

Some days I was religious
Some days I was astray
Some days I just didn't know
What next to think

Maybe I lost my path
Maybe I never had one
I was dug deep in dunya
`was about to sink

Namaz was not a responsibility
Saum was not my priority
To Allah's superiority
There was no link

Overwhelmed with the culture
Never understood my deen
Was it for my benefit
Or was it to make me look mean

"Muslim" whenever I called myself
Kept my voice low
As if it was a call
For others to give me a blow

`Always hid my identity
`Had the complex of inferiority
`Always thought muslims were low people
who don't know how to think.

All they know is how to kill
All they show is a big fist
They have no love for mankind
Extremist, Racist, fundamentalist!

One day my conscious woke me up
And made me realize
This life is for Allah
And I gotta think!

My actions are what determine
If I am a Muslim or not
My culture, colour, creed, or race
Is what Islam is not

In my heart glows my Iman
Faith in the God who created man
Who gave us a tongue,
When He revealed Quran

I follow His beloved prophet,
Who told us the true path
The path that leads to Allah
Not to His wrath

Now I want to be a true Muslim
Who know how to think
Who knows what to think,
About Allah's eternal ink!

February 3, 2000

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Dot!

Walking on the muddy path I cross the forest of Solitude,
The greenery, the freshness, is magnificent, let alone the magnitude,
My mind is all focused, my heart full of courage,
The journey begins to search for my Creator, to respond to His Message,
O Allah! This is I, a speck, a clot, a dot!

The cold breeze go by my face, makes my hair swim in the air,
Trees swaying, plants dancing, creating harmony everywhere,
Somewhere I see streaks of rays of golden sparkling sunlight,
Forcing their way through the canopy, I wonder at Allah's might,
O Allah! This is I, in search of you, a dot!

There I see a drop of dew just about to fall,
In it are seven colours of life, all trees short and tall,
I hear the water flowing in a nearby stream,
Singing glories of my Creator, knitting a beautiful dream,
O Allah! This is I, in search of you, a dot!

I enter into a town, a town called Materialism,
Where people are known to be selfish, trapped in their own prism,
They have their own values, misery and greediness,
This all looks so dark, full of sadness and no happiness,
O Allah! This is I, in need of Your help, a dot!

Walking on the side of the street, I see many faces in cry,
It seems they have lost the path, the destiny, the urge, the hope to try,
Their looks are so empty; their desires have no aim,
They like to pull each other's leg to get all the fame,
O Allah! It's I, trapped in dunya, a dot!

Women walk bare-chest, attracting others on the way,
Men hovering around them like bees, forgetting about the Day,
Tears flow in my eyes, trickle down the cheeks and dry,
These are specks, dots, clots, who gave up to try,
O Allah! Be Merciful, I am just a dot!

Absorbed in my mind, I cried, my tears soaking the ground,
When suddenly I heard some footsteps that made me turn around,
I saw some people looking at me with hope in their eyes,
Who want to follow the Truth, the Message, and not the made up lies,
O Allah! Be the Guidance, I am just a dot!

The hopelessness will perish; the faith will prevail,
We will work together, to succeed and not to fail,
The Creator will guide us to spread the Truth to all,
So that we may all rise, and not to face the Fall,
O Allah! Bless us with Your Mercy, we are just dots!

My journey carries on to search for my Creator,
Telling others His Message and that no one else is greater,
He is the Master; we are the slaves,
Who showed us the light and let us out of the caves,
O Allah, it's still I, a speck, a clot, a dot!

January 07, 2001

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Khutba by Ali RA - Without Dots

Special thanks to Br. Ashraf...

Mukhalifeen-e-Jihaad Kay Liye

Special Thanks to Mr. Ajmal Iftikhar...